"An ever-changing palette of colour infused with  energy and movement through paint & texture"

"Searching original techniques with different angles is nothing new for me. Finding ways to put my work "out there" is a constant challenge and one I love.

Not being content with the traditional approach alone, I find myself searching for ways to tweak it a little, to "think outside the square" adding extra visual enticement.

Exploring new concepts, ideas, having a keen imagination for creating new scenarios using other mediums, materials and texture is also fun and let's face it, this is why I paint.....because I love the creative journey.


Like a lot of things around us which evolve so does the world of art. I am not trying to create a new "movement" in the cycle but merely move with my own artistic ideas and creative ability to keep in line with today's trends.


My paintings are a tribute to how I see our beautiful world and all it envelopes. My passion for life and its beauty is portrayed in every piece of my work. Art gives me the licence to freely express myself, a way to share my individuality and how I see the world, one which I hope you will enjoy as you browse through my gallery".

A little about the mediums used

Acrylic and Multi Media Works have a multi layered surface consisting of high standard pigmented Acrylic Paints, Inks and/or Pastel. Some with a non-toxic Moulding Paste or Resin added for texture, movement and visual enticement.

Watercolour work has been executed on Aqua Watercolour 200gsm medium texture paper made from cellulose pulp, internally and externally sized and acid free is used. Its thickness ensures minimal warping when water is applied. Only the finest quality Watercolour Paints and Gouache have been applied ensuring dynamic rich lustre and pigmentation.

Where has my art been featured?

                  Art Lovers Australia Handbook 2018, 2019 and 2020

                  Australia Home Design Magazine 2019 and 2020

                  Art displayed on House Rules 2020

A little on what makes me tick......

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